Disease-Fighting Phytochemicals – Dr. Humbart Santillo

By on May 16, 2012 in Nutrition


Whole foods supply a cornucopia of beneficial compounds in a synergistic balance that can never be duplicated by man. Raw foods that are not processed or cooked have a God-given balance that co-exists as interconnected food elements: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Along with these traditional nutrients is another huge group of naturally occurring chemicals that are now known to benefit the body as well–you’ll recognize their name as the current nutritional buzz-word “phytochemicals.” The term is derived from the prefix “phyto,” which means plant. Phytochemicals, also called phytonutrients, are compounds found naturally in fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and legumes. There are literally hundreds and maybe even thousands of phytochemicals in each species of plant.

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Fast-Food Ad Familiarity Making Kids Fat?

Research recently presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Boston revealed familiarity with fast food commercials can increase the likelihood young adults will be overweight.

If you ever got one of those annoying jingles stuck in your head, you know exactly how powerful advertising can be. Fast food restaurants spend billions a year, and guess what? Those ads aren’t aimed at you; they’re mostly targeted at children and adolescents.

“This study links obesity in young people to familiarity with this advertising,” said lead author Dr. Auden C. McClure, “suggesting that youth who are aware of and receptive to televised fast-food marketing may be at risk for health consequences.”

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